Board and Staff

Megan Chase, Board Member

Megan Chase is the Clean Water Advocate at Upstate Forever, where she works to advance policies that are more protective of the Upstate’s water resources while acting as a watchdog for activities that are harmful to water quality. She has built strong relationships around the state and enjoys working with members of the conservation community, elected officials, utilities, and other stakeholders to mitigate the potential impacts of unchecked pollution and growth. Megan currently serves on the steering committee for the Conservation Coalition and is co-chair of SC Rivers Forever.

Megan holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Ecology from the University of Georgia and a Master’s in Science in Environmental Toxicology from Clemson University. During her time with the CleanWateR3 team at Clemson, she developed a strong background in water quality science, and worked with farmers throughout South Carolina to address their water quality and availability concerns. Megan has also approached water quality issues with a biogeochemical lens, studying the behavior of contaminants in water and working on filtration methods to prevent contaminants from greenhouse and nursery runoff from entering waterways.

Megan lives in Greenville and enjoys exploring the wild and scenic areas of the Southeast on foot and on her mountain bike.

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