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Bill Harclerode

Bill Harclerode, Board Member

Bill Harclerode is retired , and he and his wife Beverly recently moved to beautiful Greenville County (Simpsonville) to be closer to their six young grandchildren. He enjoys playing tennis, hiking, biking, and skiing.

Bill is passionate about protecting the environment for our future generations. He served on the boards of the Friends of Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge and the Musconetcong Watershed Association , and on the Union Township Environmental Commission, in NJ. Currently he does stream water testing for Friends of the Reedy River, and is a volunteer with the Citizens Climate Lobby of Greenville.  

Bill is a Chemical Engineer with MBA, and previously worked in various manufacturing, corporate quality assurance and consulting roles in the pharmaceutical, polymer, chemical and wastewater industries for companies including Allergan, Abbott Labs, Knoll Pharmaceuticals, and BASF.  

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