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FoRR's Nikki Grumbine named 2019 Clean Water Champion by Upstate Forever

We are so proud to announce that our very own, Nikki Grumbine, won the 2019 Clean Water Champion from Upstate Forever! 

Nikki was honored at the ForeverGreen Awards Luncheon on February 19th. Nikki was recognized for her hard work & dedication to Friends of the Reedy River and river improvements. Nikki has been on the FoRR board since 2007 and served as the President from 2013-2017. Her impact on our organization has been crucial to our success & her determination sustained FoRR through a difficult point to make us even stronger. 
Nikki’s leadership included impressive efforts, such as the opposition of construction of 55 Camperdown Way near Reedy River Falls, which lead to a permanent conservation easement. Her impacts also include publishing a Reedy River Report card in 2013 to demonstrate current water quality to the public, and work at the Caine Halter YMCA and 1st Baptist Greenville to better manage stormwater runoff.

We thank Nikki for her determination, hard work and perseverance to improve our watershed!


Read the full article by Upstate Forever HERE!

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