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Volunteer Opportunities!

Volunteer Opportunities!

Friends of the Reedy River cherishes making strong & long-lasting relationships within the community & that's why we are participating in the Reedy River Run, on April 20th, and the Reedy River Duck Derby, on May 4th. There are upcoming volunteer opportunities for both of these events!


Volunteers who are interested in the Reedy River Run can see all of the available volunteer openings, both before and during the event, HERE! Please let us know if you have signed up for one of these volunteer opportunities at [email protected]


If you are interested in volunteering for the Duck Derby, please contact Scott Butler at [email protected]

These are the available volunteer openings for the Duck Derby:

  • Duck retrieval from the river after the event (with FoRR!)
  • "River Guards" to help keep the public out of the river while the ducks are racing
  • Help wash ducks after the event, held off-site at a local car wash


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