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Brooks Dixon, Board Member

Brooks is the Environmental Engineering Project Manager for the City of Greenville. He is a professional engineer and certified floodplain manager, and works to assist development planning is compliant with local, state, and federal guidelines as well as manage infrastructure projects for stormwater and municipal sewer operations. Additionally, Brooks oversees the City’s stream management plan, which involves assessment of streambanks and prioritization throughout the City to develop potential projects for bank stabilization and restoration opportunities.

Brooks holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering with a minor in Geology from Clemson University, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Public Administration. Brooks is a member of the Association of State Floodplain Managers, American Planning Association, & South Carolina Association for Hazard Mitigation. This is his first time serving on the board of a non-profit, and he looks forward to being more involved in local efforts to protect our watershed and its beautiful natural resources that benefit our entire community.

Brooks is a Greenville native who grew up close to downtown and has lived in Greenville his entire life. As someone who has seen this community continue to grow and change, he desires to be involved in ensuring that change is equitable and beneficial to our community at large. When not in the office, you can find him performing music around the Upstate (he plays guitar and sings in his own band), swimming in freezing cold mountain lakes and streams, long distance running, commuting by bicycle, chasing his daughters all around their home, or traveling anywhere and everywhere where there is water to be found.

Q&A with Brooks
Featured in the February 2024 Reedy Recap Board Member Highlight

Q: What is your favorite outdoor activity? 

A: Honestly, I love hiking to a fun swimming hole of sorts, either at a waterfall or lake spot. Something about swimming in a river or lake after a hike is just a magical experience for me. The Raven Rock trail at Keowee-Toxaway State Park is one of those spots for me. 

Q: What is the most fun part-time job you've ever had?

A: Lifeguarding because it’s the ultimate summer job. Just loved being outside everyday.

Q: What's your favorite place on the Reedy? 

A: I really just love what I’ve referred to as the Park Belt or has sometimes been referred to as the Emerald necklace. I think just being a lifelong resident of Greenville, the bike ride going from Unity Park to Linky Stone and the riverwalk to Falls Park, then the Cancer Survivors Park into Cleveland Park is just pretty magical, especially around sunset on a warm summer’s day.

Q: What are you most passionate about impacting in the Reedy River watershed? 

A: It’s become such a symbol of Greenville, and as Greenville has grown as an active community, it becomes even more valuable to protect such a beautiful natural resource. Our parks and the Swamp Rabbit trail just wouldn’t be what they are without the Reedy running through them. There is something innately human about being drawn to water, and I think that is worth enhancing and preserving for my children.

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