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Friends of the Reedy River has sponsored numerous educational activities for audiences ranging from kindergarten to retirees. Our educational initiatives have included environmental poster contests, stormwater drain tagging projects involving scout organizations, middle-school science fairs, civic organizations, and post-graduate research. 


Friends of the Reedy River has led the fight to promote restoration of the Reedy in the zone damaged by the Colonial Pipeline spill, and to mitigate the impacts of major infrastructure projects in the Reedy basin. We fought to prevent the doubling of pollutant discharges to the river in a lawsuit that challenged provisions of the Clean Water Act. We opposed the construction of merchant power plants in southern Greenville County based the unknown impacts of significant water usage of the plants and we continually monitor discharge permits, and the impact of urban sprawl. 

Friends of the Reedy River is a partner in the Saluda Reedy Watershed Consortium promoting integrated watershed management and improved water quality. As a partner in the Consortium Friends of the Reedy River conducted workshops for city and county council members, elected representatives, power and sewer and water utility leaders, and developers to improve understanding of watershed issues. 

Friends of the Reedy River is also a partner in the Reedy River Water Quality Group, a coalition of local city and county agencies, homeowners groups, conservation groups, and area citizens working together toward reducing the amount of nutrients flowing into the river.

We are also a partner in South Carolina Rivers Forever, a coalition of organizations, citizens and river users who believe healthy rivers make healthy communities. "South Carolina needs strong laws to protect our rivers and river users by ensuring sustainable, healthy flows. The Surface Water Withdrawal Act does not protect our rivers and downstream users from overuse by large farms. Our rivers and farmers deserve better. Help us protect them."


Friends of the Reedy River hosts multiple river cleanups each year including our Spring Cleanup and a fall Riversweep. We also engage the public to help with restoration projects along the Reedy River and its tributaries. Learn more here

Friends of the Reedy River’s continuing priorities are the conservation and restoration of land along the banks of the river and its tributaries, encouraging improved watershed management to minimize stormwater impacts and sedimentation, water quality monitoring, recreation resource development, and education.


View our 2016 accomplishments here.

View some of our past accomplishments here.

FoRR’s initiatives are aimed at:
•    protecting the unblemished reaches of the river
•    restoring land along the banks of the river and its tributaries 
•    curbing impacts of unchecked development
•    encouraging improved watershed management to minimize stormwater impact
•    monitoring the water quality of the Reedy
•    developing recreational resources
•    educating our citizens about the importance of a healthy river
•    advocating for the protection and preservation of the Reedy River
•    activating the community to get involved

FoRR's community projects include:
•    river cleanups
•    the Woodland Way Corridor
•    riverbank restoration 
•    educational events
•    water monitoring programs

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