Free Tree Giveaway

Free Tree Giveaway

February 25th 2022 - 3:00 PM
February 26th 2022 - 9:00 AM

Help reforest our watershed by planting free bareroot trees in your yard! We will have baldcypress, tulip poplar, overcup oak, and swamp chestnut oak bareroot saplings available. They will be approximately 12-36 inches tall and do not come in a container. Please see this guide from our partner, Trees Upstate, to learn how to care for your bareroot trees.

Trees are first come, first served. You cannot reserve trees ahead of time. Limit of 4 trees per household.

Check out the event flyer!

Examples of bareroot trees. 

Event Details:


Friday, February 25, 3pm – 6pm

Saturday, February 26, 9am – 12 noon


ReWa AND Trailblazer Park

ReWa Campus is located at 564 Mauldin Road, Greenville, SC 29605. Head through the ReWa gates on Mauldin Road and follow the signs to the solar panels (down the road to the left).

Trailblazer Park’s address is 235 Trailblazer Dr., Travelers Rest, SC 29690. We will be in the parking lot off Old Buncombe Road.

At both locations, please park and walk up to receive trees.

Why Trees?

Trees are a critical part of a healthy watershed due to the many ecosystem services they provide, including:

Reduced sediment pollution

Sediment is one of the leading pollutants in the Reedy River watershed. Trees help with…

  • Erosion control: Deep, fibrous roots stabilize soil throughout the watershed, reducing the amount of erosion caused by overland flow (runoff) in urbanized environments
  • Bank Stabilization: Fibrous tree roots stabilize the streambank and prevent streambank collapse by securing sediment so that it isn’t washed downstream after high-flow events
Reducing Nitrogen and Phosphorus loading

Trees are great “sinks” for nutrients that are harmful to aquatic organisms in high quantities. Two nutrients that are particularly problematic are nitrogen and phosphorus- both results of fertilizers used in yards and agricultural operations

Having trees near streams strengthens the riparian buffer- the strip of vegetation that borders streams and other waterways that helps absorb unwanted chemicals and nutrients, preventing them from winding up in our water

Habitat Improvement

Tree canopies shade streams, creating the ideal shady habitat for aquatic insects, fish, amphibians, and reptiles

Even when trees are at the end of their life cycle, fallen trees in or near rivers provides habitat for desirable wildlife

Flood control & Groundwater Recharge

Trees absorb and use water that runs off from impermeable paved and developed surfaces, promoting the slow return of water to the ground instead of flash floods that wreak havoc on our river and the downstream homes and businesses

Please use caution when planting trees in your yard! Be sure to avoid water and sewer lines as the roots of a growing tree can damage and break lines if planted too close. If you have questions about the locations of your lines, call 811 before you dig for assistance. 

This event is presented by Friends of the Reedy River, Trees Upstate, ReWa, Let’s Keep TR Beautiful, the City of Travelers Rest, Reedy River Water Quality Group, and Upstate Forever.

Trees provided by PowerPlantSC.

Presented by Duke Energy.

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Free Tree Giveaway

ReWa Campus & Trailblazer Park
564 Mauldin Road and 235 Trailblazer Drive
Greenville, South Carolina 29605


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