What Can I do at Home?

10 Things You Can Do to Improve Water Quality

If you live in the Reedy River watershed, improving water quality starts in your own backyard. Ways you can improve water quality include:

  1. Reduce runoff by directing downspouts away from paved areas and toward grassy, mulched, or planted areas.
  2. Use cleansers labeled “biodegradable”.
  3. Maintain a natural buffer along creeks and streams to filter pollutants.
  4. Use slow-release or natural fertilizers. Use only as much fertilizer as your plants and lawn need. Avoid “weed and feed" fertilizers that contain quick-release fertilizer and herbicides which may not be needed.
  5. Minimize the use of pesticides by treating problem areas only.
  6. Eliminate exposed, bare soil by planting grass, plants, or applying a thick layer of mulch.
  7. Collect pet litter and bury it or dispose of it in a sanitary landfill.
  8. Never dispose of hazardous materials down the drain or in a storm drain.
  9. If you have a septic system, have solids pumped from the tank every three to five years. Never dispose of anything down the drain that is not recommended for a septic system.
  10. Never dump grass clippings into creeks or streams as they introduce large amounts of fertilizer chemicals to the water.

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