Cleveland Park Planting Day

Cleveland Park Planting Day

December 1st 2021 ( 8:30 AM - 11:30 PM )

Keep "Giving Tuesday" going and join Friends of the Reedy River in a riparian zone restoration planting at Cleveland Park on Wednesday, December 1, from 8:30 am to 11:30 am. We will provide lunch onsite after we finish planting to celebrate Friends of the Reedy River's final event of 2021! 

Riparian Zones are the areas that border rivers and other bodies of surface water. This includes the floodplain and the vegetated areas, or "riparian buffers" that are located above the floodplain. These areas are crucial to protecting our waterways and water quality by filtering runoff water of physical and chemical pollutants (think litter and also excess chemicals from cars, lawn fertilizer, etc.), stabilizing the river banks, collecting sediment and other pollutants in the water, and providing habitat for pollinators and all of the other helpful critters we love. 

We will be planting desirable wetland vegetation in the Reedy River floodplain where an unnamed creek in Cleveland Park flows into the Reedy. Our focus area is subject to sediment deposition from upstream waters and could use our help in revegetating the area to be sure that the sediment is able to solidify and not continue to wash downstream. Sediment is one of the leading pollutants in the Reedy River, so by installing plants that hold sediment together and catch additional fine particles, we will be able to reduce the amount of pollution that is carried downstream.

Please come prepared to get dirty -- long sleeves, pants, and boots that can get wet are strongly recommended (closed toe shoes at a minimum). Please bring a water bottle, sun protection, gardening gloves if you have them, and a face mask in case you are in close proximity to other individuals. All other supplies and tools will be provided. 

Register HERE to join!

We will follow up with additional details via email prior to the event. Thank you for your interest in supporting Friends of the Reedy River! We look forward to seeing you soon!  

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