Support Riparian Buffers at Greenville County Council

Support Riparian Buffers at Greenville County Council

November 7th 2023 ( 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM )

Greenville County Council is considering passing an amendment that would strengthen riparian buffers in Greenville County. This will be discussed at the November 7 County Council meeting as the amendment will be up for its second reading. We need your help letting Greenville County Council know that buffers matter to Greenville Citizens. 

Riparian buffers are the areas of vegetation that border streams, lakes, and wetlands. Buffers serve a critical role in protecting streambanks and water quality by reducing streambank erosion and river sedimentation, serving as a natural filter for stormwater runoff, and many other benefits. Interested in learning more about riparian buffers? Check out the Reedy River Water Quality Group’s Buffers Video featuring FORR’s own staff Watershed Scientist.

Before Tuesday's meeting: Call or email your council member to let them know that you support strengthening county-wide riparian buffers to protect our watershed.

On Tuesday: Then, please show up for the County Council meeting on Tuesday at 6pm and wear blue to show your support for strengthening riparian buffers.

Find your representative and their contact information here and show your support for strengthened buffer regulations today.

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Support Riparian Buffers at Greenville County Council

Council Committee Room
301 University Ridge
Greenville, South Carolina 29601


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