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Support S. 1020

Support S. 1020 to Criminalize Tire Dumping

One of the questions we are asked most often following our Spring and Fall River Cleanups is, “why are there so many tires in the reedy? How do we stop this?” During our 2022 River Cleanups, we removed 135 tires from the Reedy River. In 2023, we removed 85. There are far too many tires in our River and very little regulation in place to stop continued tire dumping.

Last month, a new bill was introduced in the SC Senate that would formally criminalize tire dumping and set forth criminal penalties and fines, charging anyone found dumping tires with a misdemeanor. Please tell our state senators to support S. 1020 so we can end tire dumping and help save our waterways from continued pollution.

SC Senate Contact Information.


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