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The invasive Fig Buttercup, 2018

Timed to coincide with both National Invasive Species Awareness Week (Feb 26 - Mar 2) and the onset of Fig Buttercup's flowering season, SCNPS has just released an updated video:

Citizen Science & the invasive Fig Buttercup, 2018.

Fig Buttercup, also called Lesser Celandine (Ficaria verna, formerly Ranunculus ficaria) is an early-blooming perennial that appears to be poised to be a terrible invasive in moist, nutrient-rich situations across eastern North America. In South Carolina, significant infestations have been found in Greenville and York Counties.

South Carolina's regulatory officials have recognized its invasive behavior. and Fig Buttercup is now illegal in the state! but the word is slow to get out. Many homeowners don't yet know, and plants continue to quietly naturalizeŠ.

The South Carolina Native Plant Society is encouraging citizens to scout waterways near them, especially those that flow through urban areas, so that emerging infestations can be documented, treated and monitored. Fig Buttercup is just now beginning to bloom, and in March and April its bright yellow flowers should be easy to spot.


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