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Reedy River Water Quality Group's New Campaign- Get Down & Dirty!

The Reedy River Water Quality Group (RRWQG) debuted their new campaign- Get Down & Dirty! 
This is all about testing your soil before applying expensive and potentially unnecessary fertilizers to your lawn or garden. It's important to test your soil before applying fertilizer because this test can help you determine the correct amount and type of fertilizer that is needed for your soil. 

Overfertilizing can be an issue because as rain events happen, they sweep up these excess nutrients and carry them to the Reedy River. Once in the river, this nutrient pollution causes many issues, such as algae blooms and lower dissolved oxygen in the water, which can affect fish and macroinvertebrates in major ways. To prevent this nutrient runoff, it is recommended to purchase slow-release fertilizers, and to avoid applying before rain events, on slopes, near bodies of water, or near stormwater drains. In addition, it is recommended that if you live near water, do not fertilizer within 50 feet of the shoreline. 

As part of this campaign, the RRWQG is offering soil sample bags and a coupon for a free soil test (an $18 value!). To get the soil sample bag and coupon, you can go to Greenville Soil & Water's office in County Square at 301 University Ridge, Suite 4800 or to Lotus Urban Farm & Garden Supply, at 1259 S. Pleasantburg Drive! 


Explore the RRWQG's website HERE!

Watch the RRWQG talk about Get Down & Dirty on Your Carolina HERE!


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