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FoRR Monitoring Team!

Join Friends of the Reedy River and other like-minded individuals to monitor water quality in the Reedy River!  Board member, Madeleine Bolick, and staff, Olivia Dunn,  will be available at each monitoring event to answer any of your questions and provide guidance for monitoring water quality. There will be opportunities to collect both Chemical & Bacteria data and Macroinvertebrates!  This monitoring team will use SC Adopt-a-Stream protocols and testing kits to obtain data about the Reedy River and to potentially find pollution sources. It is highly encouraged that you are a certified SC Adopt-a-Stream volunteer, but it is not a requirement to join.


The FoRR Monitoring Team has adopted three sites along the Reedy River and monitors at all three during their outings. Site #1 is on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, slightly upstream from the cafe. Site #2 is a small tributary to Falls Park and Site #3 is behind the ReWa headquarters, near I-85. 


The team has begun monitoring and goes to the river once per month. If you are interested in joining, sign up HERE!

Find out more about SC Adopt-a-Stream and find an event to become a certified volunteer HERE!

If you have any questions, please contact Madeleine Bolick at [email protected] or Olivia Dunn at [email protected]

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