News From The River

The Tire Pull

FoRR and the Swamp Rabbit Cafe hosted the Tire Pull event! This event was a river cleanup which focused on bringing tires out of the Reedy River to then be repurposed in a fun and creative way!

On Saturday, April 27th, some very dedicated volunteers came together to pull 42 tires out of the Reedy! This was hard work but the Reedy really benefits from it. The Reedy has struggled in the past with industrial pollution, bacteria, litter, and other issues. Little by little, we can make a difference in the Reedy and have it be a river for all of us to enjoy. By removing these tires, we removed habitable space for bacteria and there are now fewer sources of microplastic contamination in our waters. 

The next phase of this project was to reuse these tires. On May 5th, volunteers repurposed these tires into three planters and play equipment for the Swamp Rabbit Cafe kids' play area! This was a special addition to the river cleanup because they took something that was once looked at as trash and transformed it into something that is beautiful and benefits our community. Next time you're at the Cafe, go check out their hard work! 

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