News From The River

FoRR Partners with CONSOR Engineers for Annual Hard-to-Reach Cleanups

On April 23rd, 2021, CONSOR Engineers donated $11,000 worth of their time, expertise, and specialized equipment to kick off an annual partnership with FoRR to perform hard-to-reach cleanups within the Reedy River! 


Using specialized diving equipment and underwater chainsaws, eighteen CONSOR employees from the Structural Assessment Dive Team removed debris in the water, targeting seemingly impossible to access locations along the river that had never been cleaned up. CONSOR hauled a massive tree trunk and 70 cubic yards of entrapped debris out of the Reedy throughout Cleveland Park while the City of Greenville assisted with hauling away the truckloads of debris.




CONSOR is a North American transportation and water infrastructure engineering firm, providing planning and design, structural assessment, and construction services nationwide. With 56 offices, including two in South Carolina, CONSOR employs 1,200+ people, of whom 60 are Association of Diving Contractors International-certified divers and 15 are certified by the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians.

CONSOR’s divers use commercial SCUBA and surface-supplied air diving systems to inspect underwater bridge components to ensure the traveling public’s safety. Dive conditions sometimes include zero visibility water and dive depths more than 60 feet. They will use these professional capabilities to support FoRR’s mission of protecting Greenville’s “hometown river”.

In 2015, FoRR adopted a one-mile stretch of the Reedy River, calling it the Woodland Way Corridor. CONSOR is helping FoRR’s initiatives in this corridor by restoring land along the riverbanks, advocating for the protection and preservation of the river, and encouraging river/water stewardship and sustainable watershed management practices.

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